The Cult of More

Look at the light 

Stare into the lights 

These messages are penetrating through 

Hide in the lights 

The all-knowing lights 

Reality is pixelating you 


The cult of more 

Is snapping at your heals 

Held in bondage by a digital release 

The cult of more 

Will tell you how it feels 

And it’s never gonna let you feel good 


The cult of more... 


Stephanie stepped off the train 

Her heart in her stomach again 

She thought she knew it all 

Leaving no note to explain 

She’s running back home from the shame 

She cannot let it show 


So young, she wanted the fairy-tale 

They won’t, remember her name 

So scared, that there won’t be anyone waiting 

Waiting like there’s supposed to be 


Stephanie chose the mundane 

In favour of glamour and pain 

She’s seen and done it all 

Ambitions of celluloid fame 

Not knowing the rules of the game 

She didn’t stand a chance 


Stephanie stepped off the train 

Her heart in her stomach again 


So sure, she wanted the fairy-tale 

She can’t remember her name 

So scared, cause there isn’t anyone waiting 

Waiting, waiting for Stephanie..... 

Maybe Dreamers

Pulling back the threads 

Exactly like the news 

Face the waking lens 

The colours of the night 


Leaving places, finding so many things 

Changing faces, and all the good luck they bring 


Maybe dreamers get fed up 

Spread their boundaries all around 

Maybe dreamers lose their touch 

Let their broken spirits down 


And we bit their teeth  

And we took their time 

And I wonder why 

And we bit their teeth  

And we took their time 

And I don’t know why 


words written by Martin King 


I'm not just a kiss 

My life is not yours, I'm more than this 


Look again, loosen your necktie 

Take time out, I'm the colour in your skies 

Take my hand, talk with me 


Walk through rainbows 

Melisma upon my lips 

Trapeze from the clouds 

Swan dive into crowds 


Sip my nectar, let me heal, cruise with my heart in dappled boughs 

Come with me, in the Jasmin air 


This golden night, wraps our sighs 

To soar beyond the shooting stars 

Not Just a Kiss

Saviour for the lesser man 

Massiah among leaders 

Finding ways to help yourself 

Surpass the high achievers 


Hiding from the world outside 

Ruling your dominion 

Manipulate with saddened eyes 

Grooming all your minions 

Narcissistic vulture  

You’re the chosen one for sure 

Unrelenting conduit  

With selfishness so pure 


Arrogance and blackmail 

Are your precious gifts to me 

Wrap them up in friendship 

Hope that no one else will see 


Baffle us with prophecies  

And mystic ancient wisdom 

A sorce of light in darkness 

With advice so freely given 


And you ask a million questions 

Of yourself to justify 

Cause your spiritual awakening 

Is just a way to hide 

Arrogance and Blackmail

Provider and divider 

The power’s in your hands 

Provider and divider 

Cause we don’t understand 


And so we let you off the hook again 

And then we let you off the hook again 

And then we let you off 


Don’t they know who you are? 

Drop the pity bomb 

Freedom on a leash  

Do they know who you are? 

Drop the pity bomb 

Freedom on a leash 


I could have been like you 

I could have been you 

If I wasn’t so much like me 


Saviour for the lesser man – hold them in your arms 

Massiah among leaders – like the only ones 

Finding ways to help yourself 

Surpass the high achievers 


You’re afraid of the silence 

You’re afraid of the spaces in between 

Terrified of the timeless  

So in awe of the places you’ve not seen 

Always looking for guidance 

Need someone who can tell you all your dreams 

Can you feel the subsidence? 

The ground beneath your feet’s not what it seems 


You’re floating down the stream 

Out on your own under the steam 

Of what you know and what you’ve seen 

And you’ll grow old 


Does your honesty fail you? 

When the challenge is far too much to bear 

You lead us into your blindness 

The hunter seeks for the bargain of the year 

You think your destiny’s fool proof 

If you collect the right stuff then you’ll be safe 

The salvation of purchase 

Generation adapt this saving grace 


I know there’s nothing else that you could ever do 

I hope the years that pass us by are good to you 

Afraid of the Silence

Some of us know love 

While some of us only take it away 

We are not enough 

All of us have to find our own way 


I’m trying hard 

I’m trying so hard 

I’m trying hard not to waste a single moment 


Some of us grow old 

While some of us will be lost to the cold 

Hiding from your shame 

When all you want is to find who’s to blame 


I can feel it all around me  

Feel it lifting me up 

Never let the shadow over you 


I’m trying hard 

I’m trying so hard

Trying Hard

Now wipe away your tears and leave this place behind 

We’ll journey far from here and sail an open tide 

We come from distant shores I feel we are the same 

You reach inside of me and peel away my shame 


Guide me into your wings of compassion 

Revealing all the grace in my soul 

We ride into the heights of emotion 

With Isolate resolve 


Awakening me to what’s real – you're all I see 

Forsaking all else to reveal my – Isolate Resolve 


Entranced by hedone it bleeds my spirit dry 

Entrenched in misery imprisoned by the lie

Isolate Resolve

In all that I do visions of you flickering through