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Dandelion Charm have the songs and talent to appeal to not only prog and folk fans, but anyone who enjoys strong songwriting with blissful vocals and melodies.
— Jason Ritchie - Get Ready To Rock review.

Riding the Flood

New 5 track ep featuring: "September", "Wraith" and "The Spark"

Tiny Drop

Stunning debut album featuring: "Skywalker", "Birdcage" and "Flowerchild"


"..the brilliance of Dandelion Charm lies in making fist-pumping anthems in a minor-key."

RM, Prog Magazine


Dandelion Charm

Dandelion Charm

Packed with beautiful harmonies and emotional, heartfelt lyrics. Like Fleetwod Mac, they play, sing and write music with classic, soaring pop melodies that will also appeal to the serious muso.
— ROSS SIMPSON (director – First Act Workshops)

Dandelion Charm from Newhaven, England, blend folk, prog and rock, with a sound reminiscent of the late '60s and early '70's. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth, CSN meets Yes.

Intricate harmonies and epic outros tell emotional stories of disfunction, joy and despair.

John and Clare have just released their new five track ep, 'Riding the Flood', which follows their debut album 'Tiny Drop'.

Recordings are made in their own 'SaidZebedee' studio. Live, Dandelion Charm can perform as a duo, a full six piece band, or anything in between.

Absolutely recommended for fans of prog-rock, especially for those with an appreciation for the infusion of acoustic instrumentation. An excellent sounding release that surely will provide an aural delight for audiophiles.
— Wesley Derbyshire - Hi Res Edition review