I've been told that I'm relentless.....

I've played music since I was 8, and started recording my own songs at 15. I LOVE albums. From Joni Mitchell to Slayer, I just LOVE albums and have always been driven to write, record, and produce them, whether professionally or for fun. I've toured Europe several times as a guitarist or drummer, done dance remixes for Polydor, jingles for TV and loads of other stuff, but nothing has felt as 'right' as working with the amazing Clare Fowler.

It was Clare who arranged for me to have a guitar custom built. "Olah" is a jumbo 12 string acoustic, made by the wonderful Ian Chisholm. This guitar is at the heart of everything that we do. Please see the 'making of...' video on this page.

Video by Kris Pawlowski.

I also love graphic novels - Sandman, Hellboy, Planetary, Batman, Hellraiser are just a few. My biggest guilty pleasure would have to be old school thrash metal - Voivod, Celtic Frost, English Dogs, Mekong Delta, Holy Terror, Artillery, and 70's prog - King Crimson, Yes, Gentle Giant, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Genesis, Brand X - the list goes on and on!