Audio Production Workshops

Due to recent leaps in technology, it is possible to make very respectable recordings from a modest home recording set up. These developments have given rise to a new breed of audio engineer. One that perhaps hasn't "worked through the ranks" of tea boy/tape op/engineer/producer in various commercial studio's (gaining knowledge and experience from studio veterans) but are often self taught and isolated. In the last couple of years, I've received an increasing amount of inquiries from such people who I believe are not just hungry for knowledge, but reassurance and community. With this in mind, I've decided to run workshops that target three areas of music production and build a small community of audio enthusiasts who can share ideas.

The focus of these workshops is for individuals to develop their own preferences and way of working. Everyone who books onto a workshop will fill out a pre-questionnaire to enable their specific requirements to be addressed. Participants are encouraged to bring any items (mics, instruments, laptops) that they'd like to learn more about/experiment with. Each workshop will be held at my own home studio on the South coast of England, with spaces limited to four.


Getting Started

Everyone tells you how easy it is to record your music at home these days, right?
This workshop is for you if you’ve been thinking about giving it a go, or you’re made a start, but are feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost!


The Tracking workshop is for you if you’ve been recording for a little while and feel comfortable with your set-up, but you wonder if you're really getting the best out of it. The main focus is on the actual recording process.


The mixing workshop is for you if you’ve been doing this a while and although people tell you that your music sounds really good, when you compare it to commercial releases of a similar nature, you feel it doesn’t quite cut it.


My name is 'NiceTime' John Fowler. I have been 'home recording' for nearly 30 years. From cassette four track, to 16 track reel to reel and Atari, to Logic Audio Platinum 3, to Logic Pro 10. I've been employed by Polydor as producer and re-mixer. I've toured Europe several times as a musician and have a City and Guilds Level 3 teaching qualification and thousands of hours teaching experience. For the last few years I've been writing, recording and performing with my wife (as Dandelion Charm), as well as producing various other artists.