This is an EP that begs to be listened to, and not used as disposable background music. Lyrically very strong, the duo blends together high emotion with lavish melodies that are full of delicacy and power, and they aren’t afraid to let the songs breathe. Once again Dandelion Charm have marked themselves out as exciting talents
— Adam Jenkins - Fatea Records

Part 3 of our video diary: The Flaccid Clappers!!


Part 2 of our video diary: recording drums for 'Trying Hard'.


We thought we'd do a video diary of the making of our new album. here's part 1: The first vocal session.

Riding the Flood ep launch party!!

John Fowler: guitar/vocals

Ivan Pledge: drums

Dandelion Charm mark the launch of their new 5 track EP 'Riding The Flood' with a full band gig at The Brunswick in Hove.

Clare Fowler: vocals

Bob Burke: guitar/vocals

Jim Bryan: bass/vocals

Phill Wickens: keys

Proggnosis Review for 'Riding the Flood':

Newhaven-based duo Dandelion Charm have given us with Riding The Flood a very good prog/folk album. Because of the great harmonies, the longer/more complex tracks by CSN come to mind, but I also hear hints of Steve Hackett's second album ''Please Don't Touch'', specially on his songs featuring Steve Walsh or Ritchie Havens. When Clare Fowler's singing is more upfront, Renaissance also comes to my mind.

Riding The Flood is an excellent album, very melodic but also quite dynamic at times. With great singing and great song writing it's an album that gets my highest recommendation indeed.

Marc (ProGGnosis)

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    Lego Charm?


DC with Walter and Eustace from the Make A Wish Foundation at the Bristol O2